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Dentures / Partial Dentures Specialist

Baldwin Louie, DDS & Patricia Louie, DDS

Family Dentists & Cosmetic Dentists located in Inner Richmond District, San Francisco, CA

A healthy and attractive smile makes everyone feel more confident. Dr. Baldwin Louie and Dr. Patricia Louie help their patients to repair their smiles with full and partial dentures from their comfortable practice based in the Richmond District of San Francisco, CA.

Dentures/Partials Q&A

What Are Full and Partial Dentures?

Full or complete dentures replace all of a patient’s teeth and are usually placed after the gum tissue has recovered from the loss or removal of the teeth. A partial denture, which is sometimes a bridge, is a dental device comprising prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-toned base, often attached to a metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. Partial dentures are used to fill in space between teeth, which helps to prevent the remaining natural teeth from changing position. Dentures are made to resemble as well as replace your natural teeth so there should not be any noticeable change in your appearance. Patients currently missing several teeth, may find that dentures may fill out his or her facial appearance.

Will Dentures Affect My Ability to Eat or Speak?

Patients may need some practice eating and speaking after dentures are first being installed. The dentist may recommend sticking to soft foods, cut into small pieces for a couple of days following installation. As the patient becomes accustomed to the dentures, he or she will be able to return to a normal diet. There may also be a little trouble pronouncing some words, but with patience and practice, speech will return to normal in no time. If the dentures “click” at all, it could indicate an incorrect fitting and an appointment should be made as soon as possible to have the dentures checked.  

What Does Getting Dentures Involve?

A patient will need to attend several appointments over the course of a few weeks as there are many steps that need to be completed. First, the dentist will take detailed impressions (molds) and measurements of the teeth which will be used to create the bespoke denture. The patient may need to attend several “try-in” appointments to ensure proper shape, color, and fit. Finally, at the last appointment, the dentist will precisely adjust and place the completed denture, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit. Some patients may experience increased saliva flow, some soreness, and possible speech and chewing difficulty. This normally passes as the muscles and tissues get used to the new dentures.

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